The origins of Charity Reggae Festival Ghana

Phone call

My phone rang one day. I was being called by a number I didn’t recognise. It was Willy Wanta. He told me about his dream. To my great surprise, I discovered that we shared the same dream: Giving people a great time by sharing Reggae music. Sharing Reggae allows us to help both adults and children. From day one, we have enjoyed a really great collaboration, right up to the present day . We clearly have a click and have the same ideas about how we want to share Reggae music with the world. Reggae is more than just music. Reggae is a message of love. Just take a look around and you’ll see how people need love. Simply put … treat each other with kindness and the world will be a better place. Charity Reggae Festival Ghana will show just how much music brings people together. All nationalities coming together in peace. IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE!!! This is a message to the world.


Love Reggae
Reggae Love
One Love
One World

The idea

 The idea to launch a song for Charity Reggae Festival Ghana has also actually been realised. For the after-party of Fantan Mojah, I’ve booked MC Izaba and Jah Reds . I discussed the Charity Reggae Festival Ghana with them. They agreed without hesitation to write a text at Charity Riddim. And you’ll be able to hear just how good they really are. After them many other artists will follow and provide support by writing their own texts. The Riddim is being used for promotion and the proceeds will go to the Charity Reggae Festival Ghana project. 

How important is it to share?

By sharing you gain, by sharing you grow. Sharing love gives you joy. For our Festival, sharing is a ‘must’ to ensure it’s a great success. It has to be shared on social media as the whole world needs to know that this Charity Reggae Festival is coming and that we want to beat the World Record Djembe. We experience the immense power of sharing by doing it. And you’ll experience the magical power of happiness by sharing. Sharing makes you richer, not poorer. By sharing knowledge you become smarter and by sharing your network, your network grows. By sharing music, more people enjoy the music. By sharing love more love enters the world. It’s very important that we share. Especially for us!!!! Share the information about Charity Reggae Festival Ghana and the World Record Djembe.

What does Charity mean?

Charity is a Latin girl’s name. It means ‘affection, benevolence, brotherly love’. Where is it used? The name Charity is primarily used in English-speaking countries. During preparations for the Charity Reggae Festival Ghana, I have discovered that everyone has their own interpretation of Charity and, with all due respect, that’s fine. Id like to share with you what Charity means to me: The energy, love and compassion you give to the Charity Reggae Festival is not a payout in money, but in Love. You give Charity with love and you get a lot of love in return. How wonderful is that? We are going to give Charity Reggae Festival Ghana attendees the time of their lives. Visitors will be going to a festival that’s one for the history books. Never before has there been a festival like this in Ghana. How wonderful is that? Together, we will attempt to beat the Djembe world record. How wonderful is that? This day will allow us to maximise the musical enjoyment of our visitors. In so doing, we’ll be helping Ghana’s street children get off the streets and go to school and therefore have a better chance of a better future. And that’s what Charity means to me: so share. I give my energy, I give my inspiration, I give love, I give my loyalty AND EXPECT NOTHING BACK. The universe shows me the true dividends.

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